Our story

Long before Edmira was even born, two of the company founders were working on a potent system for managing and handling thousands and thousands of campaign requests, and all the correspondence attached to them. Unlike now, they intended to sell a product they themselves had developed, fitness tights for women. It was very important that the system could handle massive amounts of data and world-wide correspondence with influencers. After all, reaching out to the target audience for women’s tights is perhaps not the easiest task, so the conditions needed to be perfect. The founders had identified a unique method that would allow them to make sure this could happen with minimal effort and time spent. The system helped them establish and maintain relations with influencers world wide.


This is now the heart of Edmira. When they concluded that the system was finished, it outperformed even their own expectations of it. They realized that their original ambitions and goals were far too small for what resources they now had at their disposal, and that the true potential of the business was much greater. 

What had been but an effort to conquer the fashion industry with their own brand was now something that could help them alter the way the entire industry works. 

They reached out to friends and business acquaintances experienced in marketing and presented the system they had built, showcasing its complexity and promise. Not long after they were all onboard the same ship, sharing the new, much larger ambition of conquering the industry with a standard-shattering way of working and cutting edge technology. 

Delivering first class campaigns to companies world wide deploying data driven methods of working combined with uniquely creative thinking and strategic work, this journey has merely begun. We want to become the number one choice for any company aspiring to succeed with influencer marketing as their instrument, not only in Sweden but in the entire world.