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Here´s how

Through thick and thin

In our client relations, we are an independent agent, and they are ours. That means we are not any influencers sole supplier of job opportunities, nor are they our only potential advertisers. 

This not only offers fluidity and great accuracy in choosing the right influencers for your campaign, but also very efficient influencer fees.

Get what you give - and more

Our method for identifying the best advertisers for your campaign, i.e the ones that historically have delivered the most runs on the same algorithm that on the other side of the spectrum finds followers you don’t want to pay for. 

We run data sets of previous campaign specifics provided by a given influencer and crosscheck them with similar profiles. This works interchangeably with reversed metrics, i.e finding the worst performers. 

We also have the tools and our own tailored systems for taking care of massive amounts of requests and correspondence. It is necessary in the field of digital marketing to be able to handle this, and not omit the process of being in touch with thousands of people. So instead of changing the routines, we found a way to make it manageable instead. 

Arousingly see-through

Analytics is of outmost importance and requires the best strategy possible. Our model is mathematically sound and is very useful in tracking performance results and identifying what were the results of the campaign.

It is important for us to show beyond doubt what performance properties can be derived from where in a campaign. Equally important is finding out how much, and seeing where your separate investments paid off the most.  Like we said, no guessing games.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing, historically, has been a suboptimal way of reaching out to your customers. We’re talking in terms of quantifying campaign results, paying efficient influencers fees, and dealing with the logistics of carrying out a campaign.

Granted, we’ve seen multitudes of highly successful campaigns on social media, and plenty of companies performing extraordinarily well there. However, they are exceptions and few and far between. Edmira sees great room for improvement and stands ready to change that.

Edmiras model offers data driven, smooth, and transparent exposure to your target audience. It demands minimal effort from you while maximizing the rates of your contents reach, engagement, and conversion, while keeping the bill for your campaign as low as the market truly allows.

Basically, we are fast forwarding the clock in the complex world of influencer marketing, setting it exactly to a time in the future where the market replicates mature marketplaces where getting what you pay for and experiencing a top shelf service is not something you achieve by chance.  

We are sure that you, planning for your companies next campaign, can’t wait to keep question marks out of the equation and welcome you to contact us at any time using the form below.

We will happily provide you with a more technical description as to how our model is designed to achieve for you and your product. 

How it works

Requirement analysis

What, why, when?

Strategic plan

In accordance to your needs we set up the campaign to maximize yield and optimize exposure.

Network request

All that is left to do is get the campaign going. We have identified the perfect match between our target group, who is influencing and your company. Sit back and enjoy profitable and rewarding exposure the Edmira way.

Campaign monitoring

When the campaign is live we are closely watching and handling it under it’s whole life cycle. Anything that requires intervention or closer analysis is taken care of by our beloved service support team.

Summarization and reporting

Our evaluation reports are carefully designed to meet all needs concerning sales, click ratio, exposure and all other KPIs that demand a breakdown. We aim for you to know the ins and outs in our collaboration and understand very particular of what you get from working with us.

Our story

Before Edmira was even laying in her cradle, we – the creators behind the project – had identified the ultimate way to give every part in a social media marketing solution the best bang for their buck.

By optimizing everything from start to finish and in every aspect of production, we saw room for real, tangible difference that could reinvent influencer marketing on social media. The key would be systemizing sales and customer management perfectly tailored to all elements in our and your domain.

Do you have an idea that you would love to bring to life? Don’t sit on it! Contact us today and let Edmira discover it’s potential.

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