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Massive network

In our collaborations, we are the stand-alone agent. Actually, none of the influencers in our database are tied to working with only us, nor are we tied to them. So instead of having to commit to specific sets of profiles you get the ones that are perfect for you and your campaign. All this is thanks to our large database of close to 6,000 influencers.  

This network offers us great flexibility and accuracy in designing your campaign and great leverage in terms of negotiating fees – you probably wouldn’t believe it! 

Short of marketing ideas at the moment? Our experienced creative team will gladly help you outline and come up with smart, efficient and innovative campaign suggestions. 

Data driven campaign strategy

After every finished campaign, our collaborating influencers are given a grade based on graphic presentation, KPIs, timeliness and delivery. Our goal is to always deliver the best conversion and exposure available on the market. 

Using data from finished campaigns lets us find out which profile is going to perform the best  in yours, thus helping us remove what would be erroneous matches or simply poor selections. Using historic data this way is critical in order to maximize your investment’s returns. 

Our CRM, specifically made for handling massive amounts of requests and correspondence regarding upcoming, live and finished campaigns is top-of-the-line and a real life saver. The best way to ensure a successful campaign is to keep close contact with everybody involved in the campaign. It is tedious, very time consuming and requires high levels of attention, but it really is the only way and we have built our system support accordingly.

Transparent reporting

Compiling the performance results is crucial in influencer marketing, and must not be overlooked. We always perform thorough analysis work after a campaign is finished. This is then summarized and sent to you, presented in a manner so that advice concerning further actions and your future marketing strategy are easily extracted. 

Of course, this is also where you see how our particular campaign with you has performed in terms of views, exposure, number of purchases, and much more.  

Why Edmira

Free requirement analysis 

What do you want to achieve with your campaign? 

Free strategic plan

After we have established what you require from your upcoming campaign, our team sits down to discuss campaign suggestions and come up with a plan specifically designed for you. More specifically, we draw up three different campaigns to give you the benefit of choosing whichever you like the most. Usually, they are designed differently in order to promote different sets of KPIs. For example, competitions perform well in terms of activity and engagement, and campaigns constructed to enhance brand awareness gain more likes, and so on. 

Free network request

When the campaign outline is finished, it’s selection time. We assume all the negotiating power we have and get in touch with fitting profiles and talents that will help us bring the perfect campaign to life. It’s important that we keep costs down without affecting the expected quality of the presentation.

Campaign monitoring

It’s sit back and relax time for you. While we take care of the campaign on-the-go, always stand by should anything unexpected happen, you can rest assured we are doing everything we can to make sure everything runs smoothly and as planned. 

Analysis and reporting 

After a campaign is finished it is time for us to find out exactly what your investment yielded in terms of results and KPIs. We show you the overall performance results as well as the data for each profile respectively.

Influencer marketing

The influencer marketing industry is a jungle and it is not always easy to figure out where to begin. Who to hire, what to pay and what actually to expect from the results of the campaign are only some of the questions leading up to a campaign and finding the right answer can definitely be tough sometimes, especially if you lack experience in the field. 

Despite this, there are thousands and thousands of highly successful campaigns that have performed exceptionally well in digital media. That said, they don’t happen by themselves and there is an element of luck not to be denied. At Edmira we have identified much room for improvement in this regard and thankfully we have found exactly what makes a successful campaign. The answer lies in data, campaign strategy, identifying the right target audience and how to reach out in the most efficient way. Thanks to our tools for analysis and our ever increasing desire to become the best at what we do, we find ways to the highest conversion rates and exposure counts, and all you have to do is sit back while we take care of it all. 

Granted, successful Instagram campaigns require that you have something to build on in terms of your own previous work on social media. If you feel that there are improvements to be found in this regard, please let us know. We will gladly give your feed and graphic material a nice face lift and help you come up with a plan to stick to in order to keep your digital profile attractive and relevant to your customers and target audience. 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We offer free consultations and will gladly put you in touch with one of our campaign managers. We’ll discuss ideas and see that no question you have goes unanswered. 

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